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Pandigai showcases street fighting in rawest form, says director Feroz

Starring Krishna Kulasekaran and Anandi, the Tamil film is gearing up for a 7 July release.


Debutant director Feroz says his forthcoming Tamil action-thriller Pandigai will showcase street fighting in the most raw and realistic fashion.

"Tamil cinema hasn't had films on street fighting. The fact that Pandigai deals with this sport makes it very unique. We have showcased street fighting in a very raw and realistic fashion. We have also kept it commercial such that it appeals to everybody," Feroz told IANS news agency.

Starring Krishna Kulasekaran and Anandi, the film is gearing up for a 7 July release.

Since the release of the film's teaser, it has been compared with David Fincher's Fight Club.

"I'm aware of the comparison with Fight Club. The only common factor between the two films is street fighting, but my film is very different on the whole. Pandigai is not based on Fight Club, which I believe is the kind of film you can't remake in any language," he said.

Asked if he was inspired by Fight Club, Feroz said: "Street fighting is a very local thing. I have had friends in college who would meet in the weekends and indulge in casual fighting. Such incidents inspired me to include street fighting in my film."

Produced by Vijayalakshmi, the film has music by RH Vikram.