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Rajesh Roshan announces concert with Sudesh Bhosle, Palak Muchhal, Sadhana Sargam

The veteran music composer will headline a concert series titled Roshan Se Roshan Tak to commemorate the long musical legacy of the Roshan family.

Sonal Pandya

Music composer Rajesh Roshan has been working in the Hindi film industry for the last 50 years but has kept a relatively low profile in the recent decade. That is about to change with an upcoming concert tour called Roshan Se Roshan Tak which will celebrate the rich legacy of the Roshan family with 25 songs - ranging from legendary music composer Roshanlal Nagrath's Taj Mahal (1963) to his sons', filmmaker Rakesh and composer Rajesh's, blockbuster Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000). The concert will also include songs from their upcoming home production Kaabil (2017) which stars Rakesh’s son Hrithik.

Roshan agreed to the concert as he was intrigued with bringing back a live 50-piece orchestra for Roshan Se Roshan Tak. Roshan said, “It had been ages since I myself had heard it. I’m sure my singers will be so happy to sing when there is live music playing.”

The concert, partnered by the radio network 92.7 big FM, will include singers like Sudesh Bhosle, Babul Supriyo, Sadhana Sargam, Mohammad Aziz, Udit Narayan, Jubin Nautiyal, Palak Muchhal, Pratibha Baghel, Shivranjani and Amay Date. It will be held on 28 January in Thane and 11 February in Vadodara.

Music composer Rajesh Roshan with singers Sadhana Sargam, Palak Muchhal,
Sudesh Bhosle and Mohammad Aziz.

Singers Sadhana Sargam, Sudesh Bhosle and Mohammad Aziz, who were present with Roshan at the press conference, affectionately called the veteran music composer by his nickname ‘Raju bhai’. Aziz said that Roshan arrived during an era of too many talented composers, yet he managed to produce original music. “He is absolutely original and a very good man. He is a perfectionist and in this day and age still insists on having rehearsals,” he added.

Roshan felt that even though the songs may be old and well-known but it’s always good to go through it once. Sadhana Sargam who has sung for Roshan several times in her career said, “Raju bhai has given me the opportunity to sing the most wonderful songs. I always say how thankful I am to him, because in every song there is sweetness and melody.”

Similarly, Sudesh Bhosle is equally thankful to Roshan in his career. “When everyone else thought of me as a mimicry artist, he allowed me to sing for Jackie Shroff, the hero, in King Uncle (1993). I got the chance to sing my first duet with Ashaji (Bhosle) through him.”

Palak Muchhal is part of the younger generation of singers who will be a part of the concert. She has sung on Roshan’s upcoming Kaabil (2017). “I was 14 when I first met Rajesh sir. I was always waiting that when will Rajesh sir call me to sing. He would give me tips on my singing. Recently, he called me for Kaabil. That was the biggest dream [that] came true,” she said.

Roshan was one of the first composers to get actors to sing in his films. He also revealed how he got Amitabh Bachchan to sing onscreen for the first time with Mr Natwarlal (1979). “It was a joint decision of director Rakesh Kumar, (Anand) Bakshi saab and myself. We thought to get him to sing. He was so excited to sing that he used to leave shooting and show up at rehearsals. Prakash Mehra used to say, ‘Where did Amit go?’,” he laughed. He felt Bachchan sang the song well, and Rajesh holds it very dear to his heart.

Sudesh Bhosle spoke to Cinestaan.com about the added attraction of the 50-piece orchestra in the concert. “When I started playback singing, it was a live orchestra with 70-80 musicians and the singers singing together. But now technology has changed. It has become much easier for a singer but the soul is not there. It saves our time, [but it’s more] technical. We can auto-tune it. That’s why the life of the new songs is not more than two to six months.”

He elaborated that when they sing live they are fully involved in the song. “We put our concentration, devotion, dedication, whatever. When we record today, we are a bit careless. I love and prefer the old style,” he said.

Palak Muchhal spoke about rehearsing before the recording. “We record the song in an hour and come back. But for the first time with Rajesh sir, we rehearsed. It was absolutely a pleasure to sing for him,” said Muchhal.

Bhosle added that many a time, singers aren't aware of which song they have recorded once they leave the studio and rehearsals are beneficial to help them remember the songs and lyrics.

Roshan ended our conversation with anticipation for the performances saying, “To make one song live, it takes a lot of patience, a lot of hard work. I’m hopeful that we are able to produce 25 songs live with 50 musicians. It’s no joke.”