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Do you know these 10 ad jingles composed by AR Rahman?

Winner of two Oscars, a BAFTA, four National Awards and multiple Filmfare trophies, AR Rahman is a master of magical tunes. His songs have seeped into the memory of audiences, but some of his memorable works also are the television advertising jingles he made early on. On his 50th birthday, here is a list of some of his earliest and most popular compositions. 

Shriram Iyengar

1. Cinthol

The opening tune for this ad convinced Mani Ratnam to hire a young man of 26 to compose for Roja (1993). This ad was made during the early years of 1989 and stars another young man who made his debut with Rahman in Roja, Arvind Swamy. 

2. Leo Coffee

Another classic composition where the traditional tunes of Tamil music mingle with western rhythms. Rahman's composition was so popular that Leo coffee sales doubled with the launch of this ad. It was the first sign of recognition for a then budding composer. Oh... and there's Arvind Swamy here too! 

3. Asian Paints

In 1991, Rahman composed this wonderful jingle for Asian Paints. A wonderful theme song, its local setting and theme was right up Rahman's alley. It launched his career to new heights and brought him the advertising project that would make him immortal on Indian television. 

4. Titan Watches

This jingle has become a nostalgic memory for millions of Indians. It is also where Rahman's association with Mozart began. For Titan's new watch range, AR Rahman adapted Mozart's 25th symphony to a new theme. Decades later, Indian audiences still remember it as the Titan tune and not Mozart's composition. Listen and lose yourself to the magic of AR Rahman! 

5. Premier Pressure Cooker

The 1990s were a wonderful time for music and advertisements. Roja was still a year away. But the AR Rahman's magic fingers were constantly at work. This jingle was composed almost months away from the big release of Roja (1993). Rahman just needs an excuse to produce music.

6. MRF Tyres 

If you remember the India-Australia test series of 1999, it is likely that you remember this ad. It is steeped with the Rehman flavour, complete with the synthesizer, the beats and the techno-pop combinations. This was also his first appearance in an advertisement. Those fingers running over the keyboard belong to the Mozart of Madras. 

7. Airtel 

This advertisement came out at the peak of AR Rahman's career in Hindi cinema. It is a reflection on how the musical mind of Rahman works. Starting out with a simple tune, he keeps adding variations and instruments till it reaches a fabulous crescendo. It worked wonders for the brand, as the tune went 'viral' before the word was even in vogue. Try it and see if you don't get addicted! 

8. Garden Sarees

Another ad to which the beginning notes of Roja can be traced to. Looking back, it is impossible to ignore the similarities between the title track of 'Roja Jaaneman' and this wonderful ad. Lisa Ray and the sarees never managed to make as much of an impact as Rahman's composition.

9. Hero Motor Corp

Trust AR Rahman to compose something that inspires you to greatness. Listen to this rousing orchestra from the maestro and tell us you do not feel like climbing on your bike and riding out into the sun. If there was an award for the best ad score, Rahman would've won it hands down. 

10. Renault

This catchy jingle has been making waves on the television. No surprise, it is composed by AR Rahman.  How do we know? Check out the sly hint to the composer as the old man hits the radio in the car. Not many music composers can claim to get credits in advertisements, now. 

Happy Birthday, AR. May you score many more!