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Aamir Khan's worries continue even after success of Dangal. Here’s why...

There is something more important for the Hanikarak Bapu. 

Keyur Seta

Aamir Khan had recently confessed that he gets too tense and anxious before the release of his every big film. The same was the case before the release of his much talked about wrestling drama, Dangal. But his situation remains the same despite the fact that Dangal has gone on to become one of the biggest blockbusters of 2016.

The reason is his initiative Satyamev Jayate Water Cup. It is a project that he has undertaken along with the government of Maharashtra to provide water to the drought-affected regions of Maharashtra. In the first edition last year, they had covered three talukas. This time they have covered 10 times more by reaching out to 30 talukas.

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“This year we have gone from three to 30. If I tell you honestly, I am too scared right now. We are putting in efforts to cover 30 talukas. But I was scared even during round one. I am too conservative a person. I am 10 times more tense for this than I am before the release of my film,” he said.

Khan went onto state that he considers the success of this project higher than the one of Dangal. “I can tell you frankly that the success of Dangal is nothing (in front of this). When we will succeed in covering 30 talukas, only then will I find peace,” he added. 

During the interaction, Khan also jokingly added, “CM sir hasn’t seen Dangal yet. I keep asking him when will he see. I want him to see it.”