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Akshay Kumar defends his socio-political comments

Rustom actor bares his heart on TV show, reveals that he was asked to lower his price for performing at awards functions in exchange for an award.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

Over the past few years, the usually reticent Akshay Kumar has been active on social media, unafraid to express his views on socio-political matters. This has led some to wonder what triggered this change. Is it a stunt? Is the star planning a political career?

Akshay Kumar fielded some of these questions when he appeared on the television talk show Aap Ki Adalat hosted by senior journalist Rajat Sharma. 

The India TV channel's editor-in-chief asked the star why he feels the need to comment on various issues today. Akshay Kumar replied, ”If I don't say anything then the media says actors never comment and if I do say something, then what is wrong? Whatever I have said in videos is not against anyone. I don’t give comments and leave; I give solutions. I am not the person who points out anyone's mistakes.”

Asked about the outrage among his fans at him not getting even an acting nomination at awards functions this year, Akshay Kumar said he was least bothered about such things. "It happens sometimes that people from the awards night call you and tell you that if you perform there then they can give half the money and an award," he revealed. "I tell them that they can give me my complete payment and keep their awards. My fans have never stopped rewarding me with their love and support and that is what matters."

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On a lighter note, he added, ”Sometimes my wife [Twinkle Khanna] taunts me that her parents [the late superstar Rajesh Khanna and actress Dimple Kapadia] are National award winners but I don’t get any awards."