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You insult both genders by saying sex is so important, Priyanka Chopra on Quantico's feminist speech

In the latest episode of the television series, Chopra is seen opposing the idea that seduction is the only tool for a woman to get a secret. 

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra is setting new rules on American television, and looking good doing it. The actress' latest episode of Quantico had a powerful monologue opposing the idea that 'sex' was the only tool that a woman can use to achieve an objective. The feminist speech was part of a scene where Chopra, playing CIA recruit Alex Parrish, is undergoing training in seduction and opposes the idea. 

In the scene, Chopra says, "Like the only thing a woman has to offer is sex, and men are so dumb that they are ‘gonna give up anything to get it...I can get whatever I want, without having to compromise myself…and if you couldn’t, then you weren’t a good operative." The scene has earned praise from critics and fans alike, with many praising the strong feminist overtones.

Talking on the Today Show later, Chopra said, "The entire episode was about seduction, and being able to get information  out as operatives. Having to use your bodies, and your minds. I said, Alex's character, to me, is such an empowering woman." 

Speaking on the idea that the conversation about sexuality needs to change, Chopra said, "I think she should make a point. You are insulting both genders by saying sex is so important. One, that its the only thing that a woman has to offer, so you reduce her to just that. Second, that men are so stupid that they'll give up anything just for sex. So, I think that was a really important point for the generation of today." 

She said she spoke to the show's creator, Josh Safran, about this view, and found the writers' agreeing to it as well. "I think the scene is a really important example of the kind of conversations people need to have, keeping in mind the atmosphere in the world today," Chopra added. 

In an interview later, Chopra said, "Alex is a very progressive character. You need heroes that stand for feminism in a good way, in a proud way. Feminism, unfortunately, has gotten a bad name over the years. It’s been reduced to berating men and man-hating men, which it’s not. Feminism is actually just people, not just women, standing for the fact that women’s rights are human rights. I wanted Alex to sort of stand for a proud woman. When I spoke to Josh about it, I said that the example should be set for little girls out there that your sexuality is not the only weapon you have. You can be good at your job without having to compromise yourself." She also spoke about the advantages of being an actor. She said, "I’m not hypocritical. I understand the position that I’m in and the job that I do. But I think there is dignity in everything everyone does. First of all, I’m an actor and what is a requirement of me when it comes to playing a part is my job. But at the same time, I’m in a position where I can choose — to a certain extent — parts that stand for a lot more. " 

As a producer, and a global icon, Chopra has got her priorities right, we say.