Huma Qureshi admits she is not elegant in real life

Qureshi said she has never played a character which is close to her personality.


Actress Huma Qureshi says she has never played a character which is close to her personality.

"I am yet to play a character which is close to my persona but I enjoy that. As an actor, playing different roles that are quite opposite of your own personality is fun," Qureshi, who is sharing screen space with Akshay Kumar in her upcoming film Jolly LLB 2, said on Monday. 

Talking about her character in the black comedy, the actress said, "Pushpa Pandey is a girl from a middle-class family who is fun, mad, has her own quirks and she keeps fighting with her husband Jolly, who is the 19th Assistant of a lawyer!"

When asked how is she in real life, she said: "Oh, I am so cluttered in my personal life. I am very inelegant who doesn't wear high-heels and a bookworm and movie buff. And I am very outspoken too." Qureshi said she is busy reading George Orwell's 1984.

Talking about Subhash Kapoor, the director of the film, she said, "He is a brilliant director who wrote the script in a very interesting way. The story has a seamless shift from comedy to poignant moments and that makes the story so special."

As the actress worked with Akshay for the first time, sharing her experience, Qureshi said: "It was great to work with Akshay as he is very disciplined and involved with the process of filmmaking. He does not go to his vanity when his scene is done, rather he interacts with all of us. In fact, I think we managed to finish shooting on schedule because of his discipline and dedication on the set."

Directed by Kapoor, Jolly LLB 2, featuring Kumar, Qureshi, Annu Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, will be released on 10 February.