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Aamir, like Hanuman, needs to be reminded of his strength: Maha CM

The chief minister and the superstar came together at a function to inaugurate the second edition of the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup.

Keyur Seta

Actor Aamir Khan and Maharashtra’s chief minister Devendra Fadnavis joined hands again for the second edition of the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup. Last year, during the first edition, they had covered three talukas. This time they have opened the contest to 30.

Fadnavis revealed that the Dangal star wasn’t ready for a tenfold increase in the size of the contest. "Aamir’s situation is always like Hanuman of Ramayana," the chief minister said. "We need to remind him of his strength. I remember during the first edition, he had taken up just one taluka. I told him it’s too little and he needs to take up more. He was not sure and became tense. He said he would not be able to do it and it needs to be perfect. I told him, ‘If you take it up, you will do it perfectly’.”

Fadnavis went on to reveal how he took Khan by surprise last year. “I straightaway announced on stage that he will have to take up 30 for the second edition. He again started saying this is too much. But I know once we take [up the] responsibility, he carries out the task perfectly.”

The chief minister then gave Khan another shock, "Through this Water Cup, a lot of experts have risen," he remarked. "So I think we can increase the number of talukas from 30 to 300 from next year.” The superstar’s reaction was a mixture of horror and mirth.

Satyamev Jayate Water Cup is a contest in which different villages compete in conserving water for the betterment of their farms. The aim of the initiative is to make drought-affected villages self-sustainable. Velu village from Bhor taluka in Pune district won the first edition.