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Throwback Thursday: This video from Shah Rukh's Swades audition is proof that he will always be actor first, star later

An old video from auditions for Swades reminds us why despite all his superstardom, and box-office glory, Shah Rukh Khan will always remain an actor at heart.

Shriram Iyengar

Swades (2005) was undoubtedly one of Shah Rukh Khan's career-defining films. Having achieved superstardom in Hindi cinema, Khan turned in an understated, subtle, but powerful performance in the Ashutosh Gowariker film. 

In this old video from the auditions for the role, it is obvious why Shah Rukh Khan was Gowariker's choice to play the suave, but distant NRI who finds a new inspiration on his trip back home. The video has Khan, Gayatri Joshi, veteran Kishori Balal and Gowariker preparing for the role with readings. 

From the start itself,  the star's dedication to the craft is quite visible. Even as he stands in a corner memorising his lines, Khan's attention never wavers from the performance of his co-actors. 

But the actor is not exempt from errors. There are times when he misses his cue, forgets his line, but the theatrical discipline remains strong in Khan who stays in character to continue the session. Even the veteran Balal, who played the adorable Kaveri Amma, is all ears as Gowariker offers her instructions about the scene. As the veteran forgets a line, ever the gentleman, Khan says 'Koi baat nahi' and continues with the scene. After all, to point out another actor's fault is a cardinal sin in theatre.

While the rehearsals are recognisable for viewers who might have scene the film, the only difference lies in Khan's description of his character's work in America. While he was portrayed as a scientist working with NASA's space program in the film, the session sees him describe himself as working with a software company 'Telcon' with a successful contract making software for IT companies. 

While Shah Rukh Khan has returned to box office with his star powered Raees,  this video is evidence that Khan continues to be an actor, despite his box office status.