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Forget winter, summer is coming: Priyanka Chopra heats it up in the official Baywatch poster 

Chopra's villainous Victoria Leeds makes an appearance in the new character posters for the Baywatch movie. 

Shriram Iyengar

Seven new character posters arrived on the internet for Priyanka Chopra's new Baywatch movie. Chopra's villainous Victoria Leeds also made an appearance in her the film's new promotional posters. 

With the tagline of 'Summer is coming', the posters put a new spin on the now infamous theme of the hit series, Game of Thrones. Posing against a wintry backdrop, Chopra's glamorous, but villainous look, only adds to the allure of the posters. 

The first official Baywatch poster offers a clear look at the character of Chopra in the remake of the cult TV series. The actress reportedly plays Victoria Leeds who goes up against the Baywatch team led by Dwayne Johnson. 

While the rest of the actors' posters feature them draped in winter wear, Chopra's poster sticks to the theme of her glamorous villain by following her own fashion. 

Baywatch is set to release in theatres across the US on 26 May.