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How Rajesh Roshan got his first break with Kunwara Baap

Comedian-turned-filmmaker Mehmood was moved to tears by the music director's composition 'Aari Aaja Nindiya’ for the 1974 film.

Sonal Pandya

In his nearly five-decade-long career, music composer Rajesh Roshan has scored the music for over 120 films. He is mostly known for composing melodious tunes for brother Rakesh’s productions, but Rajesh first got his big break with Mehmood’s social drama Kunwara Baap in 1974.

As the composer sets out on a unique music concert called 'Roshan Se Roshan Tak' celebrating the musical legacy of his family, he revealed how he got Mehmood to sign him for the film.

“Well, he was making a film, Kunwara Baap, on his son and I think most probably he was going to sign RD Burman because he was his music director then. I just went to his house one day to make him hear my songs. He liked them, he said they are good,” Rajesh Roshan explained.

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Rajesh Roshan was encouraged by Mehmood’s feedback as he went on to explain the story of Kunwara Baap. “He narrated the story and [said, this is the] first time I’m putting a lori [lullaby] of a man, a [father] singing to his son. So I went home and made that tune and came back to him. He liked my tune a lot and he cried and said, from now onwards, every film that I make, I will take you only,” said the veteran music director.

The actor hired Rajesh Roshan for three more of his home productions that he made in the 1970s, but there are many who believe the lullaby from Kunwara Baap is one of his most moving compositions.

Watch the song ‘Aari Aaja Nindiya’ below: