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Internet has gone crazy about this Ranveer Singh lookalike from across the border

After the tea seller, the internet has found another interesting person in Pakistan - Ranveer's lookalike.

Shriram Iyengar

There seems to be an abundance of good looking guys on the other side of the border. The latest sensation on the internet is Hammad Shoiab, not a tea maker, but a young man whose resemblance to our own Ranveer Singh seems to have caught the fancy of the internet. The 20 year old is an aspiring actor, and has been posting pictures which have an uncanny closeness to the Padmavati star. 


"Hello cold days" #beardgamestrong #winterfashion #goodday #ootd #blackforlife #welcomewinter

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Much resemblance? No?

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

And here is Ranveer Singh, for comparison. 

Shoiab has grown so famous that he has already made it to a couple of TV interviews, and newspapers, for his impersonation. He said, "I used to post videos and pictures on Instagram and Facebook. People used to compare me with Ranveer but I never had an idea that people will start comparing me with him this much." Although his resemblance has brought him fame, Shoiab does not want to imitate the Bajirao Mastani star. He said, "All the people who are saying that I imitate him are totally wrong. I never compared myself with him and I don’t imitate him at all. I like his personality because he’s one of the biggest stars of Bollywood and totally a power pack." The aspiring actor added, "I always wanted to be a part of Pakistan’s entertainment industry and showbiz. I’ve got some amazing offers from the TV industry and I’m looking forward to working on some good projects. Let’s hope for the best." 

This is not the first star lookalike from Hindi cinema that the internet has picked up. Last year, a Canadian fitness blogger found herself the centre of attention for her resemblance to Priyanka Chopra. 

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Well, nothing beats the originals though, some might say.