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Dhingana song: Shah Rukh Khan celebrates business and shows his generous side in Raees

The song sees the gangster breaking into a song and dance. 

Keyur Seta

So the trailers of director Rahul Dholakia’s Raees have given a feeling that the film is the story of a notorious bootlegger and gangster of the same name. He is shown to be someone who is hell bent on carrying out illegal activities against all odds. 

But the song ‘Dhingana,’ which has been just released, shows his generous and kind side. In fact, the song also gives a feeling of Raees being the messiah of the poor and downtrodden. Interestingly, Andul Latif, the real gangster from Gujarat, also had a generous side. The film is rumoured to be based on the life of the late gangster, who was killed in an encounter in 1997.

The song overall, however, is a dance number that focusses on the business of Raees. It gives an inside view on how the business of illegal liquor is carried out in Gujarat, which is a dry state. The ploy of smuggling liquor bottles inside gunny bags containing rice is very interesting. 

Khan, as expected, puts his right foot forward in performing the song. However, the dance sequence with a group of dancers doesn’t quite go well with the character of Raees. Maybe the makers intended to make use of the superstar’s charm and image. 

Composed by Aheer aka Jam 8, ‘Dhingana’ has the right compositions needed for a fun number. The sound of drums and keyboard provide a foot-tapping effect. Mika Singh is his usual self in the rendition. 

Raees will be hitting the screens on 25 January.

Watch the song: