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Jackie Chan done with action, dreams of being in an Indian film

The actor got his first taste of Indian song and dance in Kung Fu Yoga. It was nothing short of a challenge for the action hero.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

The three-hour wait for Jackie Chan was forgotten the moment the superstar walked in for the press conference for his upcoming maiden Indo-Sino co-production Kung Fu Yoga. Chan was joined by co-producer and actor Sonu Sood, director Stanley Tong, Indian actresses Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur and fellow Chinese actress Miya Muqi.

A red carpet was laid out with young martial arts fighters putting on an acrobatic show to welcome the Chinese guests. Chan was pleased, but this visit to India was all about soaking himself into the culture of Bollywood. Chan showed off his newly acquired Bollywood moves. That set the tone for the evening as the media was privy to the child in Chan, one bustling with joy and lots of energy.

For a man who,put his life on the line countless time, it is remarkable as to how Chan keeps doing so even at 62. 

“I have been doing action all my life. Why? Do I get scared? Yes, I do. At times, when I do my stunt, I feel this could probably be my last shot. Every year, every month, I go to my office and see hundreds of letters from fans around the world. When I do charity, people send me all money. It’s impossible to sit down and reply to each fan mail, nor can I sign autographs, take pictures with each fan, but what can I do?  The only thing that I can do is every year make different kinds of movie, different kinds of comedy, action, role. It’s my best present to all the fans around the world. I don’t know how long can I do movies, but as long as I can move, it's all because of you,” the actor spoke from his heart, triggering a thunderous applause from all.

At the press conference, Chan was asked to name his favourite Indian action hero. While Chan could barely pronounce Aamir Khan, calling him 'Aamiya Khan', he then shouted out Salman Khan's name. Chan had expressed a desire to meet Salman and the Indian superstar came later in the evening to meet his idol, long after the press conference was over.

So, would we be seeing Chan in a Bollywood film?

"11 years ago, I was in talks, but the script and the heavy drama didn't fit. I'm done with action now. It is one of my dreams to work in an Indian film. I love the song and dance," said Chan gleefully. 

The actor got his first taste of Indian song and dance in Kung Fu Yoga. It was nothing short of a challenge for the action hero. "At the beginning it was very difficult as I couldn't move my head. But slowly I got a little hang of it.

The evening ended with Chan and his Kung Fu Yoga team breaking into desi dance moves. And the super star didn’t look like a novice as he showed his Bollywood dance skills.