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Koffee With Karan sneak peek: Tiger won't take 'sex' advice from dad Jackie Shroff

In a sneak peek into the next episode of season 5 of Karan Johar's chat show, Tiger revealed the most embarrassing thing to ask his dad would be advice on 'sex'.

Shriram Iyengar

It is never easy to be answering Karan Johar's risque questions, especially not when you have your dad beside you. Tiger Shroff is bound to find himself in this unwanted position in the next episode of Karan Johar's Koffee with Karan. 

The Flying Jatt actor is set to appear on the next episode of season 5 of Johar's chat show, with dad Jackie Shroff for company. In a sneak preview of the episode, released by the channel, Johar puts Tiger in a the spot with questions about his relationships. 

On being asked if he ever followed up his crushes, Tiger replies: "Not really," only for dad Jackie to wince and say, "I don't get the whole word love". Ever the 'bhidu', the dad seems to be the more exciting guest than the son, with his charming and witty answers adding some delight. "Love is such a stupid word," goes the bhidu. "I love your shoes, and I love you. I mean is that what you're comparing me with?" wonders Jackie. 

As for Tiger, the young star finds himself in a spot not even his acrobatics might help him escape. Johar asks if the young actor would seek out his dad for advice on sex, relationships, or diplomacy to which Tiger replies, "Sex, obviously, because it would be so embarrassing." To which Johar asks if it would be because it is embarrassing he fears Jackie would be too adventurous, "Both" laughed Tiger. You only had to look at Jackie's embarassed face to know the answer. 

Well, knowing the elder Jackie's laissez-faire attitude to life, we wonder if Tiger should take it a little easy. 

The episode will air on 29 January, Sunday.