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SRK: Actors have competition from actors, journalists have competition from everyone

Shah Rukh Khan feels everyone is a journalist these days, thanks to the social media platforms.

Keyur Seta

During a recent media interaction, Shah Rukh Khan was asked who he like to follow the most on Twitter. The actor jokingly said that he wishes to unfollow all (read the whole interview HERE). As the topic dwelt on social media, he got candid on what he thinks of the medium and how it has affected the profession of journalists. 

He started off saying, “Suddenly we have a new toy in our hands – social media. So, we are very excited. And when the excitement subsides, I think most things will settle down. At this point, it’s extremely exciting and everybody is using it.”

SRK went onto how actors are better placed than journalists these days. “Actually it’s a big pain for you journalists because you are not the only ones writing anymore; everybody is writing. So, you have competition. Actors have competition only from actors. Journalists have competition from six billion people now! Everybody is a writer, everybody is a journalist, everybody has a point of view, hashtag, headline.” He chuckled and added, “And sometimes, better than yours.”

However, he would still want to follow journalists than any Tom Dick and Harry. “Somewhere journalism will have to take a stand and say, you got to be professional about it. And that’s why I would like to read your hashtag; not of some high flying person somewhere in the middle of the earth who has just written a headline. I will finally have to follow substance. You will have to create substance, just like in films,” he said.