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Priyanka Chopra smells as good as she looks: Jimmy Kimmel raves

Almost every talk show host in America has complimented Priyanka on how good she smells. The latest being Jimmy Kimmel, who couldn't stop talking about it after her recent visit to his show.

Our Correspondent

Priyanka Chopra's fans have a special request - they want the star to start her own perfume line! And their demand is legitimate. Priyanka is currently being talked about for many things - her acting (of course!), lips (her lip colour consistently features on beauty magazines and portals in the US), hair (she is now global ambassador for Pantene), her red carpet appearances, among others - and now there's one more added to the list - her fragrance. There is ample video proof of how good the actress smells and American talk show hosts are already besotted! 

Almost every talk show Priyanka has been on, has had the show's host complimenting her on how she smells. From Arsenio Hall to Kelly Ripa to Jimmy Kimmel - everyone's raved about it on camera. The first time when she was asked about how she smells so good, Priyanka had said, "I wake up like this!" Well, in an episode of Live with Kelly, Priyanka then revealed that at the time she was using Trussardi Donna, when asked about what perfume she wears.

While this has been going on for almost two years now, Priyanka's recent outing on Jimmy Kimmel Live also began with Kimmel saying, "You smell just as good as you look." And it had her going: "I don't why it happens but most of the interviews I do in America open with that." To this Kimmel replied, "It's probably because you smell so good!"  

Check out Jimmy Kimmel complimenting Priyanka.

Here are some more instances when Priyanka got told the same.

Guess, it really is time for Priyanka to start her own perfume line then!