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When Sushant Singh Rajput shared khichdi with his spot boy – Birthday special

Ram Dada, a seasoned spot boy, shares interesting anecdotes about his time spent with the actor while shooting the popular TV show Pavitra Rishta.

Mayur Lookhar

Sushant Singh Rajput redeemed his film career with a stellar performance in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. One hit can not only change careers, but it can change attitudes too. Success can sometime spoil a person and one may forget his/her roots. Rajput is one actor though who’s unlikely to change.

As the actor turned 31 today, we contacted an individual who has seen Rajput from the day he first shot for his popular TV show Pavitra Rishta. Ram Prasad Adhikari, better known as Ram Dada has worked in the spot department over 25 years. The Nepali migrant first arrived in the industry in 1982, where a chance meeting with Satyendra Kapoor paved the way for him to seek employment in the entertainment industry. 

Though not planned, but Ram Dada recently bumped into Rajput at a Mumbai studio where the actor had come for some media interactions.

“A few days ago, Sushant sir had come to the sets. He had come for some promotions. The moment he arrived, I was keen to see him. It was the first time that I saw him after he left Pavitra Rishta. I merely wanted to seem him, but to my utter surprise, he spotted me, halted his interaction, walked in my direction and hugged me. He’s a star but I was really touched by his gesture. Later, we had a little chat, he asked me about my children.”

Though brief, Ram dada didn’t find any change in the actor’s behaviour. “I won’t name anyone, but I’ve seen people change after achieving stardom. I didn’t find any difference in his attitude.”

Rajput’s calm demeanour was prevalent even when he shot for Pavitra Rishta. 

"Working in television is a hard, hard job. The working hours are very erratic. Often actors get cranky... they throw tantrums. All through the two and half years he worked on the show, Rajput never lost his cool, nor did I recollect him throwing any tantrum. He would work tirelessly, sleep in his vanity van but never make any hue and cry,” Dada recalled. 

As a private person, Rajput’s never spoken about his personal life. Though, he was said to be dating his Pavitra Rishta co-star Ankita Lokhande, the actor has always kept his personal life under wraps. Now that the couple have gone their separate ways, Dada is saddened at the turn of events. 

“Ankita and Sushant were very close. I can’t really comment on their personal lives, but I was sad to know that they are no longer friends.” said a disappointed Ram Dada.

The seasoned spot boy also mentioned about how Rajput would mingle freely with all crew members. 

“Not all actors mingle with the entire crew, especially, the spot boys, light men. Rajput not only interacted with us, but he’s also had food with us. He would have khichdi with us. He would have tea with us. Once during a Holi episode, he just turned up on the sets started splashing colours on us. How many actors would do that?” Dada said in a joyful tone. 

The spot boy also revealed how Rajput would often ask about his kids and their dreams. The MS Dhoni: Untold Story actor never shied away from giving gifts to Ram Dada and his family. 

One of the intriguing stories about Pavitra Rishta is how the actor wasn’t keen on the show. 

Talking about it, Ram Dada says, "Sushant didn’t join us from day one. From what I’d heard, he wasn’t keen on doing Pavitra Rishta. He’s done a TV show before but he was eyeing a career in films since then. I reckon for the initial few episodes, we shot with a duplicate. However, once he started shooting, it all changed. Ankita and him were loved by the audience, and as the show rating soared, Rajput put his heart and soul into Pavitra Rishta.”

Ram Dada expressed his best wishes to the actor for his 31st birthday, and hoped Rajput achieve great success in his career.