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Priyanka Chopra tells Jimmy Kimmel why Indians love song and dance in their movies

Chopra had tonnes to talk about, particularly the song and dance phenomena in Hindi cinema, and her 'starry' concussion. 

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra dropped in on The Jimmy Kimmel Show again, after her second consecutive win at the People's Choice Awards. The actress won the Favourite TV Actress in a Dramatic Role for her performance in Quantico. Recovering from her recent concussion, the actress looked in a lively mood on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. 

Although there were a lot of things for Priyanka to talk about, she particularly enjoyed the segment where Kimmel brought up songs and dances in Indian cinema. On being asked if there are songs and dances in every Indian film, Priyanka replied, "If you ever go to an Indian family, at their wedding, or any occasion, it will always be a dance party. We just need an excuse to dance." 

Kimmel tried to get on the front foot by saying it was the same in the US as well, but Priyanka rebutted saying, "But this is a different kind of dancing. There is craziness, and drums, and music," she said, "I think that's culturally reflected onto the movies...because people love watching dance numbers." 

Priyanka went further by saying even if it were a sad film like the recent Globe winner, Manchester By The Sea, an Indian film would still have music. "It will have a soundtrack, probably. There would be songs playing behind," she added. 

Present at the show with her mother, Madhu Chopra, in tow, Priyanka revealed that she just missed one day of work due to her concussion. "It was my first concussion," she blurted much to Kimmel's amusement. Chopra also spoke about shooting with Nick, the lead of The Bachelor, for a spot to promote Quantico. The actress also dodged Kimmel's question whether she knew about her win before arriving at the PCAs. Ever canny, Chopra replied, "I've been in the show business for a while. I know how things work." 

While Kimmel was piqued about whether Priyanka had been hit on by 'The Bachelor' Nick, she revealed how the shoot helped her get some 'digs' on the other girls on the show. 

For now, Priyanka continues to shoot for the second season of Quantico, while awaiting the release of Baywatch in May.