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Did you know? Priyanka is LSD, Kangana is afeem!

The latest report of the Mumbai police brings an unpleasant surprise.

Our Correspondent

The popularity of cinestars can reach strange levels. Over the years, we have heard of Mumbai’s underworld using the names of film stars as code in their communication. A few restaurants have dishes named after popular stars. During Diwali, one can buy firecrackers named after leading heroines.

But here is something new. Mumbai’s drug mafia uses the names of current stars as code for types of narcotics, to try and avoid alerting the police who may be snooping on their conversations.

However, the mafia's efforts have come to naught. The Mumbai police have cracked the code and found out which actor's name is used to signify which drug. According to the police, Alia Bhatt is mafia lingo for cocaine, Priyanka Chopra for LSD, Kangana Ranaut for afeem (opium), Anushka Sharma for hashish (cannabis) and Nargis Fakhri for Ecstasy.

This is not all. Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh are apparently code words for host and peddler, respectively.

So the next time you hear someone taking the names of Hindi film stars, chances are the fellow may not be just a harmless film buff.