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Priyanka Chopra reveals details of head injury, recovery from concussion

The actress brushed aside injury worries to shine at the People's Choice Award red carpet. 

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra became the first South Asian actor to win the People's Choice Awards twice, winning the Favourite Actress in a New TV Series for her role in Quantico. The actress was a doubt for the event, having suffered a serious concussion on the sets of Quantico a couple of days ago, but brushed aside worries by dazzling again on the red carpet. 

Speaking to the press later, Chopra tried to brush aside worries of walking the red carpet in heels saying, "How can a girl go to a red carpet event without heels?" The actress then switched on her charm, adding, "Don't tell my doctor that. He will give me a call tomorrow. Let's just say I forgot the instructions."

Chopra suffered a concussion after slipping while performing a stunt on the sets of Quantico on 14 January. Speaking of the injury, Chopra said, "I was performing a stunt, protecting someone. It had been snowing in New York, and I was wearing rubber boots. It was such a stupid way to (injure yourself). I have done so many stunts and have never got hurt. I slipped on a wet road, while I was saving someone else and hit my head on the bumper of a car and the road." Chopra was rushed to the ER, where she underwent a CAT scan. The doctors identified the extent of the injury and the concussion and advised her bed rest. 

The actress seemed amused at the irony of having performed so many more risky stunts in her career, only to be injured by slipping on a wet floor. "Not glamorous at all," she reiterated in another interview. 

However, the toughest part of the injury was not the visit to the ER, it seems. Chopra seemed more bothered about having to spend three days off work, as the doctor did not allow her to watch television, movies, or read books due to the concussion. "I was listening to Amy Schumer talk to me for three days. I couldn't watch TV, I couldn't read a book...I was laughing out loud looking at the roof." Chopra

As for whether the injury will see her slow down her stunt adventures, Chopra said, "No. I just have to wear my brace for a couple of days, then I am fine." 

This sense of indefatigable energy is one reason Chopra is blazing her way through LA land.