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Charu Khandal's former roommate remembers late Red Chillies VFX employee

The 32-year-old Khandal, who worked on Ra.One, was left paralysed in a 2012 a hit-and-run case.

Mayur Lookhar

Shah Rukh Khan and his team at Red Chillies VFX were left bereaved after former employee Charu Khandal (32) passed away on the morning of 17 January. Kandal had been left paralysed after a hit-and-run accident in 2012 involving a Honda City car in Oshiwara, Mumbai. Kandal was travelling in an auto rickshaw.

For 92 days, Charu was admitted to the Kokilaben Hospital, including 40 days in the ICU. As a result of the accident, she suffered multiple injuries and fractures.

She passed away in her hometown Jaipur, nearly four years after her family shifted back, having spent all their savings on her treatment and struggling financially to continue with the treatment in Mumbai. Her father had to take a loan of Rs12 lakh to clear the hospital bills. The family struggled to manage daily expenses after the mishap. 

Cinestaan spoke to Khandal’s former roommate Mauli Singh, who shared her thoughts about her late friend.

"Years back, Charu and I used to be roommates in our Andheri apartment. She suffered haemorrhage in the accident. Charu was a true fighter. She wanted to fly high in her career, even after this terrible accident. She wanted to be a voice-over artist. I spoke to her mother recently, who told me how she would wash her hair every day, something Charu did herself before the accident," Singh told Cinestaan.com.

The family has shown tremendous resolve in face of adversity. 

"She is now free of all sufferings and is in a happy space. We are sure she will come back in another form," Charu's sister Ritu told Mumbai Mirror tabloid.

"I have never seen such a dignified and positive family. Though Red Chillies VFX had offered financial help, the family refused to take a penny beyond the initial 3-4 months' hospitalisation expenses. Her mother said that she’s now in a better place, and her suffering is over. The legal case is still on, but there's no whereabouts the accused. We hope the family gets justice," added Singh. 

Red Chillies VFX posted a heartfelt message in honour of their late colleague: "Charu Khandal, a former team member of our studio, passed away on Tuesday morning, 17th January, 2017. Charu will always be remembered for being a happy go lucky, spirited girl and a true fighter!"

A few Red Chillies VFX team members who remember working with her said, "She was always passionate towards her work, and believed that she could make a difference with her contributions."

"We all pray to the lord almighty for her soul to rest in peace and hope that her story continues to inspire young aspirants wanting to make a difference!"

"RIP Dear Charu, you will always be remembered…"

Cinestaan.com offers deepest condolences to the Charu's family.