Deepika Padukone confesses to Ellen DeGeneres: I have amazing babies with Vin... in my head

In her first ever appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Padukone charmed DeGeneres, but insisted that the romance with Vin Diesel is 'all in my head'.

Shriram Iyengar

Deepika Padukone's fascination with Vin Diesel is reaching new levels. The mutual love between the two co-stars of xXx: Return Of Xander Cage has been evident ever since they landed in India for the premiere of the film. As Padukone promotes her film in Hollywood, the actress' fascination for the action star has not ebbed at all. 


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Making her debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Padukone got chatty with the host about the experiences with Diesel. "There is a romance going on, that’s what you would get from that as well, look at that face! Does that mean there is?" the actress quipped. If that left you confused, her next statement might make beau Ranveer Singh sit up a bit. Speaking of Diesel, Padukone said, "Well, there is no smoke without fire! But, it’s all in my head! So yeah, I mean in my head I think, we are together and we have this amazing chemistry, and we live together and we have these amazing babies! But it’s all in my head." 

The actress does share a camaraderie with her xXx co-star that goes back some years. On the show, Padukone also revealed her audition for Diesel's other hit franchise, The Fast and The Furious. She said, "I actually auditioned for Furious 7 about two or three years ago and for whatever reason that didn’t work out. I think people remember me for that audition. Everyone talks about that chemistry and people remember me from that and then, about a year ago, I get a call from Paramount saying that they are casting for this film and I flew down and met DJ, my director Caruso, and then Vin found out in Los Angeles that I was in Toronto. So overnight, luckily I had a visa, and he said, ‘I want her to come and see me’." 

In fact, Padukone says, Diesel just planned a 45-minute photoshoot which confirmed the actress' presence in the xXx film. She said, "Overnight, I flew down from Toronto to Los Angeles to see Vin and suddenly in the middle of the night, we are doing this 45-minute photoshoot. Professional, with lights, with this and that. I was like what is going on! Because I didn’t know if I got the part, I still don’t know if I got the part. He just… we got into this really serious photo-shoot. I don’t know if you guys have seen the picture, and that was it." 

Once Diesel posted the picture on the social media, the whole Indian entertainment industry went gaga. As the actress confessed, "He just put it up and I said, I hope you know that if you put up that means I’m doing this movie. He still didn’t say anything. He just put it up." 

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Deepika Padukone is now set to make an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and will have Vin Diesel for company.