'Bloody Hell' making: When Kangana Ranaut realised she wasn't a dancer 

The making video of Rangoon's 'Bloody Hell' song is a lesson in the unreal work that goes into making a good looking song. 

Shriram Iyengar

Kangana Ranaut's turn as the whip-wielding seductress in Rangoon's 'Bloody Hell' song was one hell of a performance. The actress is at her fiery best as Jaanbaz Julia, the 40s siren visiting an army barracks. As the making video of the song reveals, things were not as easy as they look. 

From building a 20-feet tall stage on water to mastering martial art kalaripayattu and ballet for the steps, the making video offers a glimpse into the challenges of shooting the song. Set in the middle of a jungle, the set of Rangoon is challenging, to say the least. As a cast member admits, "The set was built in a pond that was a drinking ground for cheetahs." The video also shows water snakes slithering around the set, much to the shock of Kangana Ranaut. "It's frightening. Now, 'Bloody Hell' is more of a nightmare for me," says Ranaut.

Ranaut certainly did not have an easy time. She had to learn kalaripayattu and ballet to master the steps of the sequence. "I was breaking bones," she says. If that was not enough, Shahid Kapoor decides to show off. As Ranaut narrates, "When I was doing my mathematical equation with that signature step, Shahid just gets up and does it. He did that step without learning it." The actress declares disappointingly, "That was the moment I realised I am just not a dancer." 

While the period set design and lighting has caught the eye of fans, it is the detailed preparation of Vishal Bhardwaj that deserves special credit. The director is shown working with the steps and movements on a miniature set, before he gets to work on the real location. 

Rangoon is set in the 40s, with Saif Ali Khan, Ranaut, Kapoor playing out the romantic triangle in the midst of World War II. The film is slated for release on February 24.