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Jackie Chan turns Dabangg for Kung Fu Yoga

From mixing traditional kung fu with desi action moves to being locked in a car with a lion, Jackie Chan's maiden Sino-Indian film has shades of a clichéd Bollywood masala entertainer.

Mayur Lookhar

He is among the most popular actors worldwide. No wonder Indian fans are waiting with bated breath for his maiden Sino-Indian film Kung Fu Yoga.

The film's trailer, which was revealed today, leaves you speechless. The thing with stars like Jackie Chan or Rajinikanth is that their charisma hits you like an out-of-control mobike, leaving you too stunned to explain what happened.

The trailer, which is a little over two minutes long, gives you the feeling of Chan discovering the Dabangg hero in him. The action star has mixed his kung fu moves with hilarious desi action made popular by the likes of Salman Khan. However, Khan's moves are never so daring as Chan's, who, at 62, continues to live life on the edge. Such is his adrenalin rush.

Apart from the action moves, Indian fans will marvel at Chan trying his hand at Bollywood-style dance with GenNext beauties Amyra Dastur and Disha Patani for company.

What you essentially see in the Kung Fu Yoga trailer is a flying Chan, flying cars, expensive artefacts and some logic-defying sequences – most notably the one where he is locked in a flying car with a lion. The scared-to-death expression not just on Chan's face but also on that of the lion will leave you roaring with laughter. However, it appears that Chan is fighting against real hyenas. 

With Jackie Chan in a film, you don’t really cast your eyes on any other character, but Kung Fu Yoga marks the international debut of Sonu Sood, Dastur and Patani. Sood plays antagonist Randall, who perhaps steals and smuggles Indian historical artefacts. Chan plays Jack, an archaeologist who is out to bust Randall’s plans. Jack and Ashmita (Dastur) are out to locate the lost treasure of the ancient Magadh empire (in modern-day Bihar) in ice-cold Tibet.

In a nutshell, Kung Fu Yoga appears more a cliched Bollywood masala entertainer with a touch of Chinese chilly. But with Jackie Chan in it, this one will be hard to ignore.

Directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Stanley Tong, Kung Fu Yoga is set to be released in India on 3 February 2017. 

Watch the action-packed trailer here: