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Shah Rukh on speaking his mind like Meryl Streep: Get me a journalist who won't misquote me

The superstar wants journalists to re-run Streep's Oscar speech.

Keyur Seta

Hollywood star Meryl Streep’s iconic speech at the Oscars this year instantly made her the talk-of-the-town all over the world. The veteran actress attacked the recently elected President of America, Donald Trump for his negative views against migrants. 

Her speech created a huge buzz in India too. She started trending in no time across various social media channels. However, there was also a section of the population that felt bad looking at the Indian scenario, wherein how Indian actors aren’t so bold in putting forth their views fearlessly. Slowly, this theory started gaining momentum and more and more people started asking if they would ever see the bindaas side of our superstars. 

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan was asked about this recently in an interview with a daily. He said he would share his views if a journalist puts forth the same without misquoting or misinterpreting him. He said, “Get me a top TV journalist who puts my views across as they are, without trying to add their own point of view. Then I would say something. I have said it before, and I rue the day I said it. It is about how much views are put across, which is very sad. And then the same people ask, ‘Why doesn't Shah Rukh Khan say anything?’ No, I won't say anything. You say it, but you can't tell me what to say.” 

It also seemed as if Khan is fed-up of the whole idea about Indian superstars speaking their mind on national issues. He added, “You like Meryl Streep so much, run her tape. God bless you; you have Meryl Streep saying it, so why do you want someone else to say the same thing? Why do you want to be a copycat like you always have been? It’s stupid.” 

The actor got into trouble in 2015 when he described intolerance in India saying, “Religious intolerance and not being secular is the worst kind of crime that you can do as a patriot.”