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Kareena, Sonam reveal 'gossip mafia' and go gaga over Priyanka on Koffee With Karan

The two actresses were trying to be careful with their words, and yet ended up spilling the beans on their equation with Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, and Kareena's gossip nexus.

Suparna Thombare

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor tried hard to steer clear of controversies on the latest episode of Koffee With Karan, and were very diplomatic in their rapidfire round, and yet managed to let out a few secrets. One of them being the existence of a WhatsApp group called 'Kapoor sisters and co' where a lot of gossip happens. The other secret was revealed by the now regular guest actor Arjun Kapoor. He let out that one had to be invited for a night party at Fortune Heights where Kareena and Saif Ali Khan live because gossip about the who's who of the film industry flows freely here.

"There is a nexus in Bandra. One is your [Karan Johar] house, one is her [Kareena Kapoor] house and one is Ranbir Kapoor's. They know everything even before it happens. And they are all interlinked with one phone. And they are running the industry. So if you guys don't know then it hasn't happened... it doesn't exist. If you guys want to create something that is also possible. It's called the GM - Gossip Mafia," said Arjun, spilling the beans on the industry's biggest gossip mongers. 

Karan even called Kareena a 'pregnant stalker' because despite not being on any social media platform, the actress is constantly in on what everybody is doing on Twitter and Instagram, and she reads every bit of Bollywood news online.  

Kareena and Sonam also seemed to have become huge fans of Priyanka Chopra. Though we are not surprised, it was interesting to see words of praise coming from Kareena, who was always pitted against Priyanka at one point in their careers. While Kareena said she was happy everyone was going off to Hollywood, she had some special things to say about Chopra. 

"What Priyanka has done... I don't know if everyone has that kind of courage and dedication. I don't. I mean I am passionate about acting." When asked if Deepika Padukone could match up, Kareena said, "I have no idea... I am sure she will. But Priyanka is extremely talented. The way she talks, when you see her in her interviews you feel proud... as a proud Indian because she conducts herself really well. You have to give that to her," said Kareena.

Sonam too joined in and praised Chopra not once but thrice on the show. She revealed that it is her brother Harshvardhan Kapoor's love for Chopra that rubbed off on her. "My brother is a huge fan of Priyanka Chopra. So I am only listening to Priyanka Chopra this and Priyanka Chopra that all the time so inadvertently even I have become a fan," she said, adding. "I like the way she has handled herself. She's been very very articulate and she's held her own. She is looking great and she has hired the right people to get her ready. She is going a good job. She is very good in her show. I watch her show. And I don't watch the show only because it has Priyanka Chopra, but because I like the show and she has done a great job in it."

Later when asked about her equation with Padukone, Sonam said that she didn't know her and she prefers Chopra over Deepika. "Honestly I don't know her [Deepika] at all. And the last proper interaction I had with her was on your couch [on Koffee With Karan] and that was years back. For example, if somebody asks me 'Between Priyanka and Deepika who do you think is a better actor' the statement that I would say is that they are both great actors but I prefer Priyanka as an actor. But that doesn't mean I don't like Deepika. She is doing very well and she is very beautiful. But I have too much going on in my life to make statements about other people. I am a happy person," said Sonam.

Here's a tiny clip.