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Trump wins? Demonetisation? 'Take it easy Urvashi' says AR Rahman in a new viral music video

The composer, who reworked his own chartbuster track 'Take it easy Urvasi', has taken the internet by a storm for its wacky and current lyrics. 

Shriram Iyengar

While Badshah's recent vocals for the remake of AR Rahman's 'Humma Humma' came in for some flak, Rahman stepped up to show others how to do it. The composer's latest reworking of his own chartbuster hit, 'Take it easy Urvashi', from the Tamil film, Kadhalan (1994) is a lesson in how to upgrade yourself. 

In the latest MTV Select video, the composer has reworked his hit song with some crowdsourced lyrics from fans on the social media. The result is one cool track, that has already gone viral. 

A month ago, in December last year, Rahman had put up a post crowdsourcing for some lyrics to the original song. Interestingly, the post has Rahman specifically asking his fans to leave out issues of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the raging demonetisation issue. He wrote, 

'Dear friends, I'm trying to rearrange 'Take it Easy Urvasi' for a performance and wish to update the Charanams.
Feel free to contribute.. Of course please do leave out and avoid any reference to Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump or the currency situation for now and try to come up with something interesting & humorous in the same scaling of the original Tamil version..'

Like that would prevent fans from coming up with some seriously wacky suggestions. The upgraded track produced for MTV Select has vocal percussions, an acapella backup, and Rahman at his glorious best again. But the standout part of the song are its lyrics. Though he keeps to the original in the beginning, it thumbs its nose at some current political scenarios thorugh its lyrics. 

"Donald Trump president aana, take it easy policy" (If Donald Trump becomes the president, take it easy policy) 

Hillary Clinton thotthu pona, take it easy policy (If Hillary Clinton loses, take it easy policy) 

Ayinooru rooba sellama pona, take it easy policy (If Rs500 notes are useless, take it easy policy) 

Aayiram rooba sellaama pona, take it easy policy (If Rs1,000 become useless, take it easy policy) 

Well, that is one way to upgrade your own work, and do it in style. Is there anymore doubt why they say nobody does it like AR Rahman?