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Karan Johar trolled over his sexuality again!

The producer-director has come under the scanner for finally coming out in his new biography, An Unsuitable Boy, earning the attention of trolls on social media.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Shriram Iyengar

Karan Johar does not have it easy. The producer director's candid confessions about his personal life and struggles have earned him praise across the divisions. Johar expressed his disappointment at the constant attention and insults, that he wakes up to on Twitter every day. If the director was trying to send out a message to the trolls, they just haven't got the memo. 

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Johar found himself barraged by another rude troll today taunting him about his sexuality. Writing under the handle @SanghiSherlock, the individual laid down what can only be described as an indecent proposal for Johar, in return for a role. 

Credit to Johar, he refused to take the bait. However, he did pay the troll back in his own coin. Johar said, 'One of those mornings where you crave for silence.....and all you're surrounded by is baseless noise.....'

Hopefully, this would end the debate. After all the struggle with his films, stories and depression, the least Johar deserves is some peace and privacy.