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Why is Govinda upset with David Dhawan?

The veteran actor says he had approached the filmmaker with a script, who went on to make Chashme Baddoor (2013) without him.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

They were once hailed as Jodi No 1. Filmmaker David Dhawan and 1990s comedy star Govinda worked together on over a dozen films, notably Aankhen (1993), Raja Babu (1994) and Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (1998). But cracks have apparently developed in their relationship with the veteran actor revealing that he felt hurt by Dhawan’s action a few years ago.

Speaking to reporters while promoting his upcoming film Aa Gaya Hero, Govinda revealed how Dhawan took his story idea but did not cast him in a film. It is well known that Govinda was keen on making a sequel to Partner (2007), which also starred Salman Khan. It wasn’t Partner, however, but a different saga that caused a dent in the Dhawan-Govinda relationship.

“I had done 17 films with David. I was keen on doing an 18th," he told reporters. "I went to him with a story and a title. He liked both but went ahead to make the film without me!"

Govinda said he was surprised to learn that Rishi Kapoor had been cast in Chashme Baddoor (2013). "I asked Dhawan why he didn’t cast me, but he didn’t give me any convincing answers,” the actor, who was also an MP for a single term, said.

A few years ago, there was a buzz that Govinda had approached Salman Khan to make a sequel to Partner, but the Dabangg (2010) star was busy with other projects. There were also rumours of a rift between Khan and Govinda. 

The Hero No 1 (1997) actor, however, rubbished these theories. “Salman and I are such thick friends that if we can’t shake hands standing, we will get down on our knees and embrace," he said. "He is a friend, I can’t force myself upon him to make Partner. It’s not a Vikram-Betaal friendship.”