Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana performs Cinderella in school play: Watch video

The girl, who is growing up fast, shows effortless acting skills. 

Keyur Seta

Shah Rukh Khan has mentioned quite a few times that his daughter Suhana wishes to become an actor. So naturally, the audience and his large fan following have always been eager to see her perform. Their wish has come true in an unexpected manner. 

An Instagram user has posted a video of Suhana performing in a play at her school. SRK's daughter plays the title role of Cinderella in an English play.  

She is seen performing a scene where the protagonist is expressing the tragedy of her life. But there is a twist. This Cinderella is mean and double-faced. For instance, when the narrator says that her sisters are equally beautiful, Cinderella corrects her saying that she is more beautiful of the two and she knows her story well. 

Suhana is effortless and has shown that she does possess acting talent. She transforms well from wailing loudly to speaking softly. There is also a moment where we find a lot of SRK in her laugh. 

The girl is already a sensation for her Instagram pictures that keep floating around on social media. With this clipping out, it seems there will now be a lot of anticipation to see her on the big screen.

Watch Suhana perform:


#SuhanaKhan saat tampil di pentas seni sekolah nya .... Bakat Akting nya ydah keliatan nihhh .

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