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Aa Gaya Hero song: Govinda's 'Dirty Flirty' attempt at recreating 1990s magic is cringe-worthy

The latest song from Govinda's comeback film, Aa Gaya Hero, tries hard to bring back to life the flirty magic of Govinda's heyday but fails miserably. 

Shriram Iyengar

While the trailer of Govinda's comeback vehicle Aa Gaya Hero failed to ignite any hope of the actor achieving the same stardom as in the 1990s, the actor has not lost hope. The second song of the film is out now, and it is a sad attempt to recreate the flirtatious charm of the actor's heyday.

'Dirty Flirty', as the song is named, is sung by the inimitable Mika Singh and Swati Sharma. Composed by the duo of Vicky-Hardik, the song is composed in the same style that made Govinda a star in the 1990s. While the rhythm is familiar, it is quite ordinary and not very memorable. Mika Singh's voice manages to bring a semblance of quality to the song. 

Govinda proves yet again that he continues to be one of the more graceful dancers in the industry with his natural movements, but there is nothing in the song to impress fans. The crass lyrics, with the punchline of 'Pat-ti hai to pat, warna side me hatt', might find few takers. The absence of any expression among the dancers endangers the song further. 

This is the second song from the film, following the uniquely titled 'Lohe Da Liver'. Directed by Dipankar Senapati, and produced by Govinda himself, Aa Gaya Hero is scheduled to be released on 3 March.