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Kangana Ranaut pays dakshina to her yoga guru by gifting him Rs2 crore apartment 

The Rangoon actress has presented her yoga teacher, Surya Narayan Singh with an apartment worth Rs2 crore that will now be turned into a yoga centre. 

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Shriram Iyengar

Kangana Ranaut certainly knows how to say thank you. The actress has just performed an act of generosity that might take even her fans by surprise. Ranaut has presented her first yoga guru, Surya Narayan Singh, with an apartment worth Rs2 crore. 

As reported in a daily, Ranaut first met Singh on Juhu beach at the age of 18. She was then just trying to break into the film industry. Singh taught her yoga, and helped her cope with the industry's pitfalls. Reports suggest that the actress has gifted her own two-bedroom apartment in Andheri to the instructor. An insider was quoted as saying, "The apartment has a spacious balcony, where the yoga classes will be conducted." 

Her gratitude does not end there. The source also suggested that the actress is trying to refurbish the apartment to help turn it into a yoga centre for her guru. The source said, "In fact, Kangana visited the apartment a few days ago to instruct the contractor how to design and redo the house.Since she will be recommending the yoga centre to everyone, the actor wants everything to be of high quality. She has always been sensitive to people around her,”

Despite her struggle to attain the top echelon, Ranaut's charity proves that she remains a true friend to those who care. 

Ranaut is currently shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj's Rangoon, which is set for a 24 February release.