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Shahid Kapoor to do an Aamir Khan in Padmavati?

The actor is likely to sport different physiques for director Sanjay Leela Bhansali's period drama.

Mayur Lookhar

Aamir Khan is not the only actor who gets into the skin of his characters. As per reports, Shahid Kapoor is set to sport two different looks —  a lean and a beefed up one, as Raja Ratan Singh in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming period drama Padmavati. 

As per a report in Mid-day tabloid, Kapoor has already shot for his part in his lean self, and is currently beefing up for the next shooting stint. Kapoor’s trainer Samir Jaura is going to put him through the paces as Kapoor is required to put on 10 kgs. The actor started with outdoor and functional training, but now weightlifting and cardio sessions have been added to the exercises.

The actor has also gone on a no-sugar-no-salt diet for a week, thereafter, he will be given a new diet that will be relatively more carb-heavy. His regular meals have been broken down into six smaller ones and as Kapoor is a vegetarian, he eats enough protein in the form of pulses, tofu and low-fat paneer.

While Kapoor has got going with his fitness, the big question now is when will Bhansali resume the shooting of Padmavati following Rajput group Karni Sena ransacking the Padmavati sets in Jaipur? The director had called off shooting after his set was vandalised, he was manhandled and a death threat was issued to him.