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Swara Bhaskar admits breaking traffic rules while distributing masks to cops

Vivek Oberoi said we need to respect the personnel who keep the city traffic moving, and revealed what he taught his son.

Picture: Shutterbugs Images

Keyur Seta

Artistes Vivek Oberoi and Swara Bhaskar took part today in a campaign to spread awareness about the health hazards that traffic police personnel face because of different types of pollution. They also released a video on the subject, titled Hawa Badlo, and distributed special masks for the police.

Speaking about the hazards faced by the police, Oberoi said, “I spoke with our honourable chief minister Devendra Fadnavis. He is highly concerned about the health of policemen. Government is working in this area. But there should be more compassion towards our men in uniform from us. They don’t fire guns like our filmi cops. But they are running the city’s roads daily and without them we can’t move. When we are stuck in a traffic jam, we realize how much we need them. They are the unsung heroes. They quietly do their work.” 

The Masti (2004) actor also urged people to respect the traffic police. "Every traffic cop of Mumbai will receive a high-quality international standard mask, which will benefit their health. If you can’t donate towards it, you can trend it on social media. If you can’t do this, just give them a smile. Don’t look at any traffic police personnel like an equipment. They are humans and have their own problems. I have taught this to my four-year-old son Vivaan. Whenever he sees a cop, he salutes and says, ‘Jai Hind!’ No matter how stressed they are, 100 out of 100 times they will smile back.”

While showering praise on the police, Swara Bhaskar confessed that she had been guilty of breaking traffic rules. “I am guilty in two ways. When I used to drive my car, whenever I have broken a signal, almost every time I have been caught. In Mumbai, I am guilty of entering a one-way road. Being from Delhi, I couldn’t understand that we shouldn’t enter certain lanes. Later, I used to force my driver to jump red lights, saying, ‘I have a shoot. Someone is waiting for me.’ But now I follow all traffic rules.”

The event also saw two traffic police officers speaking about their passion for the service despite their daily struggles.