Aa Gaya Hero's 'Mahiya' is confused song that does not help Govinda's return

The latest song from Govinda's comeback vehicle is a soggy, hastily written track that dampens any expectation for the film. 

Shriram Iyengar

The news of Govinda's return to the big screen gave his fans from the 90s some reason to cheer. Aa Gaya Hero looks to be a remodelled and upgraded version of Govinda's 1990s flicks. Despite the much-hyped return, the film's songs seem underwhelming and are nowhere near the superhits of Govinda's heyday. The latest track 'Mahiya' is another sad, badly written club number that does not help in improving the optimism among fans for the film. 

Sung by Ahan, and written by Govinda himself, 'Mahiya' is a club number composed by Shamir. The song is mediocre in its rhythm and lacks any memorable music. In some sequences, it feels as though the music was hurriedly put together by compiling melodies from a few 1990s pop music video albums. Featuring a stylishly walking Govinda, the song seeks to focus on his image as a cool, hip cop who is not averse to pushing his limits. In doing so, it exposes the actor's limits completely. Govinda does everything in the film. From dancing predictably to singing in two mikes simultaneously, the actor is at his cliched best. 

The shots of extras awkwardly embracing to create a more seductive atmosphere fail as miserably as the music. Another huge flaw in the song is Govinda's lyrics. With verses like 'Hum taankle bandook ka trigger nahi hai dabta/Hum jhaankle jo gaur se kya kya nahi hai dikhta', Govinda is experimenting with literature far too flippantly. It would serve the actor to stick to acting, instead of lyric writing. The song even lacks the choreography which used to be the USP of any Govinda video. 

Aa Gaya Hero is directed by Dipankar Senapti and is slated for theatrical release on 24 February.