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Kangana Ranaut fans not amused with Shekhar Suman's 'cocained actress' jibe

The former television actor and his actor son faced the music for mocking Ranaut on Twitter.

Mayur Lookhar

Former television actor Shekhar Suman faced the wrath of Kangana Ranaut fans on Twitter after he mocked the Rangoon actress.

Last year, Shekhar's son Adhyayan had made sensational allegations against his former girlfriend Ranaut which were backed by dad Shekhar.

Ranaut's film Rangoon, which released last week, failed to impress critics and earned a meagre Rs15.56 crore (approx) in its opening weekend. 

Last evening, Shekhar posted this controversial tweet 

While he hasn’t named any actress, the timing of the tweet indicates where his barbs are directed.

In his allegations, Adhyayan had accused the Queen actress of black magic and taking drugs. 

Shekhar's tweet triggered a sharp reaction from Ranaut fans and the general public.

This user questioned the credentials of the Sumans vis-a-vis the three-time National Award winner.

Adhyayan defended his father and himself by stating that awards don't help a film succeed.

Adhyayan and user Ashish Agarwal's Twitter tussle got nasty, while another user joined in.  

Meanwhile, this user pulled out an old tweet by Adhyayan which contradicts the Heartless (2014) actor's comment today.

This Ranaut fan not only defended Rangoon, but also took a cheeky jibe at Shekhar. 

Here’s another fan asking Shekhar to not stoop so low.

This user stopped short of calling the Sumans parasites. 

As the Sumans got outnumbered, Shekhar declared that the criticism was orchestrated by paid trolls.  

Now, the ball is in Ranaut's court to respond to the ‘cocained actress’ jibe.