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Kader Khan taken to Canada after knee surgery goes wrong

Fellow actor and good friend Shakti Kapoor reveals that the veteran is headed to Canada for further treatment where his elder son lives.

Mayur Lookhar

Veteran actor Kader Khan has been confined to a wheelchair after a keen surgery went awry. The 79-year-old has been rushed to Canada for further treatment. Khan's elder son lives in Canada. 

Actor Shakti Kapoor, who has worked with Khan in several films, told SpotBoye.in website, “Yes, Kader Khan is now on a wheelchair. It's so so sad to be talking about this and I am trying to reach him since the past few days, but I am not able to get his number. I hope to have it in the next 2-3 days.”

“Khan's elder son resides in Canada. So, he has gone there to avail medical facilities which can cure him. I think his wife is accompanying him,” added Kapoor.

Kapoor also revealed that Khan had undergone a knee surgery in Mumbai, which went wrong.

Khan was last seen at the trailer launch of his film Hogaya Demaagh Ki Dahi (2015) where the veteran actor/writer looked in discomfort while walking and talking. Apart from poor health, the actor has also endured constant rumours of his death.  

Here's wishing Khan a speedy recovery.