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Box office: Rangoon collections plummet to Rs1.25 crore on Monday

Vishal Bhardwaj's film saw a massive drop in collections, finishing Monday with just Rs1.25 crore.

Shriram Iyengar

Vishal Bhardwaj might be heading into a serious muddle at the box office. The critically acclaimed filmmaker's Rangoon is struggling to kick off from its weekend position at the box office. The film earned a measly Rs1.25 crore on Monday, taking its overall earnings to Rs15.56 crore.

Usually, films see a drop in collections on Monday owing to the 'return to work' syndrome. However, the drastic nature of Rangoon's drop in earnings is bothersome. The film saw a 70-75% drop in its earnings. Not even Bombay Velvet (2015), Fitoor (2015), Mirzya (2016) or Rock On 2 (2016) saw such a big drop in the post-weekend period.

The low box-office collection should not have come as a surprise, however, since the last two Shahid Kapoor-Vishal Bhardwaj works — Kaminey (2009) and Haider (2014) — just managed to get by at the box office. Even Saif Ali Khan's Omkara (2006), though critically acclaimed, was not a huge box-office success.

However, the scale of these projects was far smaller than that of Rangoon. This makes the drastic drop in collections even more serious. The lukewarm reviews of Rangoon haven't helped the film either. 

For now, the collections of Rangoon are: 

Friday: Rs5.06 crore
Saturday: Rs4.75 crore
Sunday: Rs4.50 crore
Monday: Rs1.25 crore
Total: Rs15.56 crore

With a budget speculated to be around Rs70 crore, Bhardwaj might need something more than just the performances of Kangana Ranaut, Kapoor and Khan to rescue this film.