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Priyanka Chopra's Oscar party: From interviewing Jennifer Aniston to missing the best picture gaffe

The actress made the most of her second appearance at the Academy Awards, especially since she didn't have any presenting duties. 

Shriram Iyengar

A lot went on at the Oscars yesterday. Indians were particularly in the news with Sunny Pawar stealing the show and Dev Patel's Supporting Actor nomination. For Priyanka Chopra though, it was one big party. 

The actress, making her second consecutive appearance at the Oscars, made the most of the glamorous event. From posing on the red carpet to hanging out with Kelly Ripa and Christine Teigen, Chopra was in her element. Dressed in gorgeous Ralph Russo couture, Chopra kept up her growing popularity as one of the better-dressed celebrities, combining it with mindbogglingly expensive Lorraine Schwartz earrings (They cost 5 million pounds, by the way).

While she made it to the best-dressed list of many, some of the fashion police did find Chopra's attire a little amusing, leading to a new wave of meme creation, it did not dampen Chopra's evening.

In fact, she even saw the fun in her own outfit. Speaking to celebrity news show ET, who called her outfit "the most fun fashion of the night", on the red carpet, the Quantico actress described her outfit as "You can do so many things with this dress. When I get bored, I can play chess on it. Use it as a tray." If cool is knowing to laugh at yourself, Chopra just outdid everyone. 

But that was just the beginning of the evening. Later, backstage with Ripa, the actress combined with Teigen to try and take over Ripa's job as a celebrity host. They even got Jennifer Aniston to be their first guest, only to fluff their lines. Between Ripa, Teigen and Chopra talking about 'hall pass' and 'free pass', Aniston looked quite lost asking 'What are we talking about?'. At one point, Ripa pointed out how it is not easy being a talk show host, and the Friends star replied 'By the way, it is not easy being interviewed on this show.'

Despite the obvious gaffes, Chopra showed skill to get Aniston back to some relevant topics, like her birthday because that's how you do interviews: "This is a good thing to ask in an interview, ask relevant topical questions."  

"Really? I didn't know that," asked Aniston.

"Yeah, it's written right there," was Chopra dryly pointing to the prompter off-screen. 

In all, a fun evening. But would an Oscar evening be complete without shots. Following up with what has now become a tradition with Chopra's red carpet stints, the actress later did shots with Ripa. Except, she didn't seem too keen on them. When Ripa told her to 'go big or go home', Chopra replied, "I am going home after this." 

Before it concludes, there is that minor gaffe that took over the Oscar streamlines. Funnily, Chopra was not even in her seat when it happened. As it goes, the actress took a bathroom break right after La La Land was announced as the winner of the Best Picture Oscar. Except when she returned there were a whole lot of confused guests wondering what was going on stage, like Chopra. It took one Halle Berry to explain the whole confusion to Chopra.

Well, if we only had Berry explain it to us. 

For now though, Chopra has certainly lived up the better part of an intensely cool Oscar event.