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Anaarkali Of Aarah trailer: No dance drama, but a fight against objectification of women

Contrary to earlier perception of it being a dance drama, the film starring Swara Bhaskar has a serious subject at its heart.

Mayur Lookhar

Never judge a book by its cover, or a film by its teaser. At first sight, the teaser of Anaarkali Of Aarah seemed to promise a film that would revive mujra dancing. However, the trailer that was launched today suggests that first-time director Avinash Das’s Anaarkali is going fight the objectification of women, particularly in the hinterland.

Anaarkali (Swara Bhaskar) is a rural singer and dancer described as a double-meaning diva who entertains locals with her innuendo-laced songs. Trouble brews when she slaps an unruly, chauvinistic, despotic politician (Sanjay Mishra) who tries to force himself upon her at a show. Enraged, VC (Mishra) vows to make Anaarkali’s life miserable. Anaarkali, however, isn't one to be cowed down easily.

The trailer of Anaarkali Of Aarah quickly dispels any notion of the film being just a dance drama. Instead, director Das touches upon the social stigma of the objectification of artistes like Anaarkali. The film is said to be inspired by true events.

The trailer immediately takes your mind back to the tragic tale of 25-year-old pregnant dancer Kulwinder Kaur, who was shot dead by an inebriated man named Lucky Goyal at a wedding in Bhatinda, Punjab, last December. The man fired the shot using a gun owned by an Akali Dal politician's son. A film like Anaarkali Of Aarah and the tragic episode show how rural dancers are looked down upon in society.

Swara Bhaskar fits the character perfectly, while funny man Sanjay Mishra finds himself in a rare negative role. Anaarkali Of Aarah does not have big stars but its heart is in the right place. Swara Bhaskar, Mishra and Pankaj Tripathi are all excellent actors and it is their show that will drive the film. 

Anaarkali Of Aarrah is set to be released on 24 March. Watch the gripping trailer below: