Salman Khan plays dumb charades with journalists: Pics

The Sultan star had the crowd in splits as he answered questions from journalists in sign language, and stayed from controversy at music launch of the Marathi film Rubik's Cube.

Photos: Shuttebugs Images

Shriram Iyengar

To all those critics who cry that Salman Khan cannot act, the music launch of the Marathi film, Rubik's Cube, would have been the place to be. Salman Khan was the guest of honour, but he stole the show from the rest of the cast. 

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, Rubik's Cube also has Salman Khan's rumoured girlfriend, Iulia Vantur, singing. The actress was on stage yesterday, performing to one of the tracks from the film. No wonder that Khan was quite guarded when he was posed with questions by the media at the event. 

However, the actor turned on his charm by answering journalists' questions with a mime act, leaving audiences in splits. 

1. When he was asked if he played the Rubik's Cube

It began when a journalist asked Khan if he ever played the Rubik's cube himself. Instead of taking the mike, Khan simply enacted that he played it as a child but was not very good at it.  

2. When asked to comment on Aamir Khan's Rubik Cube skills 

He might not be a fan of the game, but friend Aamir certainly is. When asked by a journalist to comment on Aamir Khan's claim of being the fastest at solving the Rubik's Cube, Khan played the diplomat by giving a thumbs up and a wide smile. It even got Mahesh Manjrekar laughing out loud.

3. When he blew a kiss to the media 

Seeing the Khan in such a jovial mood, the journalists started clamouring to get in a question. One poor journalist found herself cut off in the shouting match, only for Khan to send a sly kiss asking the media to calm down. 

Even as Salman Khan's antics kept the media entertained, director Mahesh Manjrekar pointed out that he was very interested in casting the superstar in a full fledged Marathi film soon, and it will not be a cameo appearance. For once, the actor actually took up the mike and said, "Karnaar (I will do it)" 

4. On being asked about his song in F.U 

The actor has also sung a song in another soon to release Manjrekar film F.U. On being asked to speak about his song, the actor pulled out a mock angry face telling the journalist that there is a plan to release the song later. He also went on to mime that he has sung the song very well. 

6. On being asked about Iulia Vantur's performance

Then came the question everyone was waiting for. A journalist finally asked Khan if he had seen Iulia Vantur's performance, and what he thought about it. Before he could reply, director Mahesh Manjrekar said, "He didn't see the song. Perfect timing. She went, and he came in. We have shot the song, and will send him the DVD, and then get a reaction from him." But Khan was having none of it. Even as Manjrekar was spelling out the explanation, Khan kept nodding a sly 'No' to the audience. 

He might be accused of many things, but there is no questioning the charm of Salman Khan. It explains why the Sultan remains the most popular name in the industry even today.