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Mantra trailer: World crashes around Rajat Kapoor in film about dysfunctional business family

Nicholas Kharkongor's film speaks about the collapse of a small family business in India at the turn of the millennium.

Shriram Iyengar

Having premiered at the International Film Festival of India 2016, Nicholas Kharkongor's film Mantra is finally ready for the big release. The makers released the film's trailer today, and it looks fascinating.

A film that tells the story of a collapsing small family business at the turn of the millennium, Mantra is buoyed by the presence of actors like Adil Hussain, Rajat Kapoor, and Kalki Koechlin.

The trailer offers glimpses of the edgy, dysfunctional family of Kapil Kapoor (Kapoor), who is battling for the survival of his own little business. This struggle is compounded by the breakdown of his family, and Kapoor is forced to face the challenge of keeping his life, family, and business together in a rapidly changing country. 

Rajat Kapoor makes an impact as the businessman father pushed into a corner, but Rohan Joshi, Shiv Pandit and Koechlin catch your eye as the wayward children at the centre of the family feud. Lushin Dubey adds to the wonderful ensemble cast. 

Mantra was picked as the official selection at IFFI 2016 and the MAMI International Festival 2016 in Mumbai. It also won the award for Best Feature Film at the South Asian International Film Festival 2016 in New York. At IFFI 2016, director Kharkongor said the film was his effort to try and tell the story of a 'New India'.

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Written and directed by Nicholas Kharkongor, Mantra is set to arrive in theatres on 17 March.