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Govinda's swagger lone highlight of ‘Police Wala Don’ track

With outrageous lyrics by the actor himself and average music, Govinda's dance moves alone save the new Aa Gaya Hero number from being a complete disaster.

Mayur Lookhar

By now, readers must have guessed that Govinda's Aa Gaya Hero does not promise great cinema. So, if outrageous action and songs are your cup of tea then Aa Gaya Hero will give you those in abundance as seen from the film's trailer and earlier songs.

Govinda, who is also producing his 'comeback vehicle', unveiled a new track, ‘Police Wala Don’, today. Though the 1990s star may disagree, Govinda is trying to bring out the Dabangg in him. He doesn’t have Chulbul Pandey’s moustache or moves, but Govinda carries oodles of the Chulbul swagger in this song. He doesn’t have the uniform either, but then Govinda’s character doesn’t need one. 

Even at 53, Govinda retains the natural dancing ability that he was known for in his youth. And it is precisely his inimitable dance moves that hook you to this track. However, you will need to be an incorrigible Govinda fan to digest the overall track, the biggest problem being the shabby lyrics. Govinda can’t blame anyone for this, however, since he wrote these outrageous lines himself. 

'Maal mila hake paseena,
Galat kiya kabhi na,
Upar se neeche ka zor lagake
Collar dhar payega kabhi na
Oonchi pehchaan hai, vat hai sammaan hai
Ha ha... apun Police Wala Don hai'

It is really difficult to even translate such lyrics and one wouldn’t be blamed for watching this track on mute. The shabby lyrics have resulted in shabby music as well. You can only pity music director Shamir who must have had a harrowing time trying to compose a tune for such a meaningless track.

Ahan’s voice has the requisite swagger but then after a point it all becomes too unbearable. Poorvi Koutish is credited as one of the singers but we can’t hear her in this shortened video song.

Starlet Juhui Kha merely serves as eye candy for voyeuristic audiences. You will only be tempted to watch this video for a rare display of swagger by Govinda.