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Virat Kohli's tweet declaring love for Anushka Sharma goes viral

The cricketer put up a belated tweet for his Valentine, Anushka Sharma, on his social media feed.

Source: @Virat Kohli / Instagram

Shriram Iyengar

Virat Kohli is not all brash machismo and anger, it seems. The India cricket captain put an out-of-character post about his relationship with actress Anushka Sharma in classy style, and it has got fans of both stars going ga-ga over it.

Kohli put up a picture of himself and the actress enjoying a quite day out with the caption, 'Every day is Valentine's Day if you want it to be. You make every day seem like one for me,' and tagged Anushka Sharma to it. The post has already got 577,681 likes. 

The couple have been bucking the trend by managing their relationship quite ably in the public eye. While the actress has been guarded about her relationship with Kohli, the couple have not shied away from the cameras either. 

There were rumours of the couple being engaged in December last year, before Kohli negated it with a tweet. Recently, Sharma hit out at the media for reporting that it was Kohli, and not herself, producing her next film, Phillauri. 

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Interestingly, Kohli deleted this tweet soon, but the post remains active on his Instagram page. It won't take long before the rumours of engagement emerge again.