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Shahid Kapoor bids goodbye to Kangana Ranaut in Rangoon song ‘Alvida’

The latest song from Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon finds Arijit Singh singing about love and transformation.

Sonal Pandya

Vishal Bhardwaj’s upcoming love saga unveiled its latest passionate track, ‘Alvida’, on Valentine’s Day. Written by Bhardwaj’s mentor and long-time collaborator Gulzar, ‘Alvida’ shows the burgeoning emotions between Shahid Kapoor’s Nawab Malik and Kangana Ranaut’s Julia after they forced to spend time with one another.

The video shows Nawab Malik and Julia returning back to their lives, but not without Saif Ali Khan’s suspicious Rustom noticing a change in behaviour in the both of them. The go-to man on soulful numbers, Arijit Singh picks up the mike for ‘Alvida’, singing about the new kind of awareness love brings to oneself. Once again, Bhardwaj does double duty as director and music composer for Rangoon.

The love triangle, with the new pairing of Shahid and Kangana, is set to be released on 24 February.

Watch the song video below