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Valentine's Day: These students will worship Disha Patani and pray for a partner

The actress will be the goddess today at a unique festival in Delhi's Hindu College.

Keyur Seta

It’s that time of the year when couples over the world celebrate love in their unique way. Hindi film celebrities, too, have special plans for Valentine’s Day. But actress Disha Patani will be involved in some eyebrow-raising celebrations. 

In Delhi’s Hindu College, students who are single celebrate the day by performing puja at the Virgin Tree inside the college. On this day, they worship goddess Damdami Mai. Each year, a Hindi film actress is chosen to be Damdami Mai through a process of voting. This year it’s Patani. 

A publication quoted a student saying, “Damdami Mai is usually the actress who has been popular in that particular year, and who is also voted for by the most hostellers. Like always, we will have the puja on the morning of 14 February. And a fresher will perform the puja as he will be the pandit for that day.” This year they also considered Nargis Fakhri.

The student added further, “As always, condoms will be used to decorate the Virgin Tree.” 

But another motive of the festival, according to the organisers, is to promote safe sex. Sultan Miftahul Haque, Hindu College hostel president, said, “Sex awareness is the need of the hour and we want to promote safe sex among all the people present at the puja. We use condoms as decorations, but it is not for fun. It’s a way of showing the masses that condoms are not a taboo and are a necessary tool for safe sex. We hope our message reaches everyone.” 

But there is more to it. It is believed that those performing the puja will be blessed with a partner within six months and will lose their virginity in a year.