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Shah Rukh Khan refers to Donald Trump's Muslim ban as My Name Is Khan completes 7 years

The actor went nostalgic on the occasion of seven years of My Name Is Khan. 

Keyur Seta

Shah Rukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan completes seven years today. The film brought back the most loved pair of SRK and Kajol. 

The Karan Johar directed film tackled the issue of Muslims facing discrimination in the United States of America (USA) following the devastating 9/11 attacks. It told the story of Rizwan Khan (SRK) who goes on a mission to meet the President of America to tell him that all Muslims are not terrorists. 

On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the film, Khan thanked the team for the film on Twitter. But his message also hinted at the newly elected President of the US, Donald Trump. He wrote, “It’s kinda sad too that MNIK is still relevant.But thx Karan Ravi Kajol SEL Shibani Niranjan Deepa Jimmy & all cast/crew for a special film.” 

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Before being elected the President, Trump made his hatred towards Muslims quite loud and clear. And as soon as he acquired the chair, he took the controversial decision of temporarily barring entry to citizens from seven Muslim majority countries – Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran – until new procedures are put in place to screen them. 

As soon as SRK wrote the tweet, quite a few of his followers started linking it to the current situation in the US. It seemed that the actor might have had the same intentions.