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Anushka Sharma slams media for claiming Phillauri was produced by Virat Kohli 

The stories of Phillauri being produced by beau Virat Kohli have not gone down well with Sharma, who justifiably vented her anger through an online statement yesterday. Sharma stated that she was 'more than capable of producing and promoting her own films'. 

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Shriram Iyengar

Even though the trailer of her home production Phillauri has received praise from the audience and critics, some media reports carried stories that it was her alleged boyfriend Virat Kohli, and not Anushka Sharma, who was producing the film. Naturally, the actress wasn't too pleased with it, considering she has worked really hard to build her production company Clean Slate Films. She took to Twitter to vent her rage, in statement that left no doubt who is producing Phillauri. 

"I am more than capable of producing and promoting my own films. Thank you, " she wrote in reply to the rumours. The actress minced no words in pulling up the media for reporting a story based on questionable sources. "Phillauri is produced by FOX STAR HINDI & CLEAN SLATE FILMS. So those TV channels/newspapers/websites claiming anything else, please check FACTS, practice responsible journalism & have some shame. By making such bogus claims and validating this rubbish by your so called 'source', not only are you disrespecting me & the hard work I have put in over the years to be where I am, but also, all the people who have worked on this film. Freedom of press comes with accountability & your fake sources are never accounted for," she wrote. 

The rumours began on the internet yesterday after a daily quoted a source as saying that Sharma's rumoured beau, Kohli, was involved in the script sessions of Phillauri and had invested money in its production. Soon, the internet and TV channels picked up the story. Reports quoted the source saying, "Virat loved the script and he was involved with the film right from the beginning. He has also invested some money in this film, as he wanted to extend his support for a movie that is so high on content. He will be promoting the film in his own way." 

Sharma, whose debut as a producer happened with the critically acclaimed sleeper hit, NH10 (2015) wrote, "I have always led my career with dignity & often chose to maintain a dignified silence on many untruthful stories, that doesn't mean you can take my silence as my weakness and say anything without checking with me or my team!). 

The actress suggested that such reports were an example of the growing discrimination and sexism that 'women in cinema' have to face. "For someone who makes a living out of maligning people, it must definitely be hard to believe that a person can stand on their own feet and do something meaningful with their life. 

And next time these same people come wanting to talk about 'women empowerment' and 'women in films today' do remember this is what you do to 'women in films' who are trying to change the narrative & take charge of their own careers. This must be just another story for you but it's someone's life you are toying with." 

She ended the tweet with a no nonsense statement: "I am more than capable of producing and promoting my own films. Thank you." 

It is hard to believe what a talented and intelligent woman has to go through to just prove her credentials even in 2017.