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Saif Ali Khan: My Netflix show Sacred Games is shot better than Narcos

The actor opened up about his upcoming web series and the possibility of a sequel to Dil Chahta Hai. 

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Keyur Seta

Actor Saif Ali Khan opened up about his upcoming web series, Netflix original Sacred Games at the trailer launch of Kaalakaandi. He is all praise for Vikramaditya Motwane, one of the directors apart from Anurag Kashyap. “It’s been interesting. It’s been nice. He is a very good director. He watches closely and he gets an interesting performance. I think I am happy I am working with him at this stage when I am pretty good at my job. So, he can tune it and he can tell me, ‘Watch that area?’ or ‘What is this?’” he said.

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When asked if he is okay being told what to do at this stage of the career, he said, “I am a director’s actor. I want to be told. Sometimes I could be totally wrong. I still have to do it. He is not telling me, ‘Do it like this.’ He will say, ‘Why are you trying to be angry?’ He will just tune it, which is what he is supposed to do; that’s his job.”

Much to everyone’s surprise, Khan went on to say that Sacred Games is being shot better than another Netflix original web series, Narcos. “We are trying to do something special. I think we are shooting it better than Narcos. People in India work very hard for no money. The guys are doing the kind of sets, people who have done the production design. We have shot in live locations. India is kind of very cinematic, especially in Bombay. We are shooting in Dharavi. We were like, 'my god, what is this place'” he added.

He also shared why he doesn’t feel Narcos is great. “It is going to look richer than the Narcos series for sure, which I don’t think is particularly well shot. It is very gripping. The first two seasons had this wonderful actor who plays Escobar. Otherwise, (talking about) the production value, ours is greater,” added Khan.

In today’s times, sequels of films released even 20 years ago have become a possibility. Khan was asked if his highly acclaimed Dil Chahta Hai (2001) could be taken forward today. He had a funny answer to this. “Of course it can. But some of this stuff is funnier when you are younger. It is better to be confused in life when you are in your 20s. It’s not a great idea in your 40s,” he signed off.